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What is iGUIDE?

Property Floor Plans

Professionally drafted high-quality floor plans add value to your marketing strategy, operational needs, and planning.

Room Measurements

Laser-Accurate and reliable, we give you with real numbers you can count on. Update construction documents. Eliminate square footage liability.

3D Property Tours

There’s simply no better way to showcase your listings than by immersing your prospects in a 3D property tour.

Floor Area Calculations

Using the ANSI Standards, we give you the most accurate Interior & Exterior Floor Area Calculations possible.

Commercial HDR Photography

Our Professional Photographers are insured, qualified, and equipped to deliver images that sell.

Agent Information

Your information displays at the beginning of each visit and is available at the very top. We want to ensure that as soon as prospect is interested in your listing, they know how to contact you right away.

Neighborhood Information

Our Google-Powered map shows your viewers the neighborhood schools, grocery stores, restaurants, parks, and other features in the area.

iGUIDE® Viewer

Designed to deliver the information your shoppers are looking for in a single, professional presentation.  iGUIDE 3D Virtual Tours work as a stand-alone viewer and can be easily embedded into webpages, landing pages, and blogs.

What can iGUIDE do for you?

The iGUIDE Features were specifically designed to meet the needs of busy Real Estate Professionals who need Accurate Information, Engaging Content, and Powerful Marketing Tools.


iGUIDE Property Tours can add substantial value to any marketing or operational strategy.  iGUIDE Property Tours are customizable and have additional branding options that can be tailored to fit your strategy.


Our services and products can help support your private project, whether you are selling your own home, need property documentation for insurance or legacy purposes, or building your own portfolio.  We can help!

iGUIDE will help sell your home!

iGUIDE is the Ultimate Listing Solution that helps sell your home faster, for top dollar with less disruptions.

We will capture your home in its best light, providing an immersive and engaging online experience for home buyers that includes property photos, floor plans, room measurements, area calculations, neighborhood information and a 3D immersive tour.

Sell your home faster & for more with iGUIDE

We conducted a study with 9,079 homes and found

Study by iGUIDE

The iGUIDE Report

24 Hour Delivery

Delivered about 24 hours after your appointment; Next business day.

Easy Share & Post

Share and create new posts directly to Social Media from your Report.

Easy Downloads

Download all your assets from your Report. Images, Floor Plans, and the 3D Tour directly to your computer or device.

iGUIDE Analytics

The Report Card of your iGUIDE’s performance.


Share with your Seller or Marketing Team for valuable insight on your iGUIDE Virtual Tour performance, including how long viewers are browsing your tour


Get a breakdown of daily, weekly, and all-time stats and identify the sites that generate the most traffic for your listing


Room Measurements & Floor Area Calculations


The patented iGUIDE technology will give you Laser-Accurate Room Measurements + Interior & Exterior Floor Area Calculations, eliminating any Square Footage Discrepancy Liabilities.

We also offer a Floor Plan Only package for projects that only need measurements, floor area calculations, and floor plans.

iGUIDE Floor Plans

Professionally Drafted Floor Plans

Compare: Premium | Standard

INCLUDED with iGUIDE Packages.

Our CAD Compatible Premium Floor Plan PDFs show installed features and appliances, like sinks, showers, kitchen islands, and more.  Standard Floor Plans show the walls, windows, and doors.  Labels and the display of measurements & areas are customizable.

We also offer a Floor Plan Only package for projects that only need measurements, floor area calculations, and floor plans.

Commercial Photography

Visuals move the market!


We offer 2 levels of photography processing:

Standard HDR Processing:

Great for basic listings and properties, included in our Standard Packages.

Our photographer captures the space using Natural Light from inside & out to avoid flash-shadows and show a true representation of the space. 

Multiple exposures are blended together for a balanced image.

(included with Standard Packages)

Signature HDR Processing:

We spent 9 months interviewing over 20 different processing firms and fell in love with the one we use for our Signature Photo Processing.  Their work can be found in many popular Architectural magazines, billboards, and now your photos.

These images pop & zing with sharper imagery, deeper colors, stronger window pulls, and our BlueSky Guarantee 

(Included with Premium Packages)

Neighborhood Information

Viewers can also see the Satellite View!

Buyers want to know what's nearby

INCLUDED with Standard & Premium iGUIDE Packages.

The iGUIDE Partnership with Google allows us to include the Google Maps information relative to your property address.

Schools, Grocery, Restaurants, City Offices, Transit Options, etc.

Show off your business on Google with a Google Business Tour.

Most shoppers search online to find a business, often making purchases from a business they found using Google.

Stand out and get noticed!  Show off your business or facility with an interactive 3D Virtual Tour directly on Google Maps!

Commercial Facility & Community Management

Make it EASY

Use the iGUIDE Property Tour to showcase your facility and Amenities. Immersive Visual and Dimensional information for Planning, Designing, and evaluating a space.


Give your prospective tenants all the information they need to make a decision. Update your iGUIDE to show only Available Units to make it even easier to land a tenant.

Facility Management / Leasing / Renting

Take a look at how this Commercial Facility is presenting their spaces for leasing.  iGUIDE gives you the ability to explore spaces remotely, providing you the comprehensive information you need.

Embed iGUIDE into your Website

Customizable embed code allows you to easily integrate the iGUIDE directly into your website.

Save Time & Reduce Costs

Reduces onsite visits with remote viewing | Fast and efficient capture process

Visual Documentation

Accurate visual record for reference of real world space | Document progress and conditions during construction

365 / 24 / 7 Access

View a property from any browser or device, at any time

Security Control

Downloadable assets allow for secure self-hosting options

Communicate Efficiantly

Identify needs and problem areas | Estimate and share job scope and conditions with stakeholders | Easily collaborate with vendors or project teams

Multi-Purpose Views

Customize views of the iGUIDE. Hide rooms, floors and/or panoramas as desired and create views for each unique purpose or user.

Our experts

Charles Shaffer

Mid.TN Market Manager

Creative Professional for more than 25 years with key experience in Business Development, Logistics, Marketing, Photography, Graphics & Web Design, and and an expert in nearly all aspects of Event Production.

Daniel Crandall

South Nashville Agent

Creative Professional with key experience in Brand Development, Professional Photography, and Communications.



Manages Scheduling
Social Media Publishing
Event Coordination

Our Clients

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Service/Experience Rating: Excellent

"I was personally blown away with the level of service iGuide provides! When I initially paid to have my listings shot I had no clue how much value I would get from it. Besides allowing my client, and potential ones, the ability to walk through a home, get a feel for the layout, and have floor plans in hand has helped us pre-sale many new homes. I will use iGuide for almost all of my listings as part of my value proposition. I know you'll be just as impressed as I was. Charles (our rep) is an UNBELIEVABLE asset and even met with me in person to discuss how I can utilize the media to it's full potential!" Ronnie Lee Booth III


The iGUIDE NASHViLLE team is AWESOME!! They have done several iGUIDEs on commercial investment properties for me so far!! My clients have been so impressed with the quality of service and professionalism from iGUIDE NASHViLLE! I highly recommend them!! Kaileigh Dunn | Dunn Commercial Group | Keller Williams Realty

Amazing Photos

"My agent friends and the sellers have been blown away by the pictures!" Brandie Wiehl | Vision Realty Partners

Blown Away

“Upon our introduction with iGUIDE we were immediate blown away by the innovative technology, never seen before in the market place. iGUIDE provided our team with great efficiency in the overall process, allowing us to invest our time and focus in better servicing our clients.” Cliff Rego | RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc

About us

We provide key services to the Real Estate and Business Market using Advanced Technology, Technical Resources, and Commercial Photography, delivering Engaging Marketing Content and Powerful Marketing Tools and adding Substantial Value to our Clients.

Our mission

Whether our client is a Realtor,, Business, or an Organization, a  our mission is the same:

We want to add substantial value to your brand by streamlining parts of your work-flow and marketing process, and equipping you with tools to take your marketing strategy to the next-level.